Halloween Dress Ups



Lydia Deetz

Lydia Deetz is the iconic teenager that actress Winona Ryder brings to life in "Beetlejuice", one of the very first horror movies I watched when I was a kid. 
Swim into the world of Tim Burton's imagination and settle your stripes dress with your fedora hat...HA! We indeed have somewhere to use these two I've been keeping in the closet for so long!
Just remember, don't be afraid of the dead and mysterious...

"Carrie" (1976)

How frustrated can a girl get once her dreams of being prom queen are crushed by a bucket full of pork blood? Enough to tear a whole city down and kill everyone you know!
So get your white dress that you never wore to that freaky white party the popular kids asked you to come too but you never did because, well you're cooler than them, and spring it with some (FAKE!) blood for a Carrie crazy look.
Remember: Don't forget the flower bouquet, the tiara.....oh and don't embrace to much this character we still want to enjoy Halloween with some sanity!

"Scream Queens" TV Series 2015-

Ok...so some of us still want to look fabulous during Halloween but don't blame us! We are probably the psychopath devil that has been killing everyone from university and still nobody has caught us on the act!
But we are vial, disrespectful but indeed...very fashion!
Don't hate us, we might kill you!

Frankenstein's Bride
 "Frankenstein's Bride"

Frankentein's bride is a movie classic and if you love vintage clothes and long coats, it's your opportunity to shine! I advise you to customize your old white sheets and wear them around you, be careful not to fall! As for your husband, find a willing and able gentleman to be your date for the night and if not you can always wear him around your neck! 

Edith Cushing
"Crimson Peak"

Do you fancy living on creepy old haunted houses? Then this fifth dress up killer was made for you!
Edith Cushing is a smart young woman and she is madly in love with your favorite evil Avenger.
It's all about the mysterious "pale look" with a touch from an old candle holder you found out at your grandmothers last week!
So if you'd really like to bring out your inner vintage goddess lost in Guilhermo Del Toro's mansion you are in for this Halloween!
Oh...and maybe you'll find your own Tom Hiddleston...is that even possible? 


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