Mademoiselle Privé

Mademoiselle Privé


(Saatchi Gallery London Exhibition)

This Wednesday I had the pleasure to explore Gabrielle Chanel's world through the amazing immersive exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery: "Mademoiselle Prive". An exhibition full of  Coco Chanel's inspirations and Karl Lagerfeld's touch of creativity for his previous and current collections as the head creative designer of this famous fashion house.
Everything is delicate and the space lightened up by the shine of the jewelry and the narration of Chanel through some of the rooms.
I personally loved to get a closer look to the slot machines that were along the set of the casino from the 2015 Fall, Haute Couture Show in Paris. 

What can a fashion addict claim more about this exhibition? It's just the world where anyone who appreciates the concept of a fashion brand who has taught everyone of us, young and older girls, that "The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive."
Coco Chanel

Expect: Karl Lagerfeld's photography work; Beautiful jewelry; Mirrors...mirrors everywhere; The most beautiful creations made in fashion history.


Photographs by Barbara Garrido Samuel

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