Heist - My New Favourite Luxury Tights Brand

Meet Heist my new crush luxury tights brand. 

Their designs are made to create the perfect excuse to wear a short skirt, dress or shorts this winter or any other season! 

They come in black and you can choose between:  Sheer or matte and they can be high or low waist (waistbands are hand-sewn onto the tights). Also one of the most important aspects to these tights is that their thread count is five times more than any other tights out there!! 

Now you’ll be able to be cozy and comfortable without that nagging worrisome of your tights falling down your legs or the little black strip that shows the limit to the size of your skirt (There's NONE! With Heist. You´ll be able to dance all night!)

I’m sure I’m going to be using these a lot since I am a risk taker on short shorts and well known fan of trendy hosiery brands. 

Check out their website HERE.

EXCLUSIVE Promotion Voucher of  £5 with the code HeistLoves1995.

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