That 70's Look - 5 steps


  STEP #1

 Get your Penny Lane on! 
 Penny Lane is Kate Hudson's groupie lover character on "Almost Famous" one of the best movies  that illustrates the 70s fashion and way of living.
 The essential item: Coat. You can find this item in places like: Portobello Market ;Frok! Me Vintage Fair and other vintage/used clothing shops, it's a very common 70's piece. 

almost famous//forever love. Fav movie of all time:

 STEP #2

Keep it high and laced!
Lace up knee boots were the thing back then, so if you want to enhance the feeling of a groovy seventies look you can do this by wearing ones, any color really!
Where to find this item: Miu Miu.

 The things that I would do for a pair of Miu Miu boots are shameful.:  bohemain cool fashion | girl 70s fashion bohemian beautifull vintage- checking out her awesomeness:


The scarf/tie/headband
One of the most used trends this year was the black long scarf which can be used as a headband, scarf and tie.Well, this trend surely marked the 70s more than any other year and it's time for you to get updates! It goes well with anything!
Where to buy: ASOS, Bershka, Saint Laurent

 STEP #4

 Denim, denim...denim!
 It's all about the flares, the short denim button skirts and no cares!
 The longer the flares the shorter the skirts even better!
 Where to get them: Stradivarius; Diesel; H&M

                      This board shows what most people wore in the 1970's. There were a lot of bell bottom pants/jeans. Some wore platform shoes, wrap dresses, and went for a Annie Hall menswear look. -Alexa Perin:


Buckle and round belts
Kendall Jenner wasn't the one setting this trend but probably someone who really loved Western movies!

Self Service Magazine S/S 2015 | Malgosia Bela by Angelo Pennetta [Editorial]:
   Ryder Double Buckle Belt - Verge Girl:

I don't own any of the images above.


Liliana Guerreiro - The Infinite of Color

Get to know Portuguese Jewelry Designer

"O Infinito da cor e a cor em Infinito"

You can sense my romance between minimalism and solid colors by some of the previous and current posts I've done...

Here's a very special complimentary jewel to your minimalist style and passion for solid colors.
Liliana Guerreiro's creations are colorful and very simple. Each color is pure and her collections explore 30 different tones and they come in different sizes.

You can mix and match between earrings, necklaces and rings.
She's breaking through major capitals of fashion like Venice and in 2014 she was invited to exhibit her collection at MAD - New York's Museum of Art and Design and Museum Chicago.

You can explore Liliana's creativity and designs through her catalog.



Being Portuguese has it's perks: the good food, the sounds of fado, the beautiful city and specially the wonderful weather (not always on winter but very sunny from time to time).
Since we are (kind of) addicted to the vitamin D provided by the always sunny Lisbon we (the Portuguese) get very annoyed about rain! But I mean who doesn't?
Even though it's one of the hardest thing to deal with when you have to rush to work/university or you just would love to wear those brand new white sneakers it's almost unnerving to care about what to wear! But today I did! (Well a very simple sleek kind of worried) So I put these items together and truly don't give an F£$%& about the rain.
 The cool umbrella also helped!
You can get it HERE.

Heist - My New Favourite Luxury Tights Brand

Meet Heist my new crush luxury tights brand. 

Their designs are made to create the perfect excuse to wear a short skirt, dress or shorts this winter or any other season! 

They come in black and you can choose between:  Sheer or matte and they can be high or low waist (waistbands are hand-sewn onto the tights). Also one of the most important aspects to these tights is that their thread count is five times more than any other tights out there!! 

Now you’ll be able to be cozy and comfortable without that nagging worrisome of your tights falling down your legs or the little black strip that shows the limit to the size of your skirt (There's NONE! With Heist. You´ll be able to dance all night!)

I’m sure I’m going to be using these a lot since I am a risk taker on short shorts and well known fan of trendy hosiery brands. 

Check out their website HERE.

EXCLUSIVE Promotion Voucher of  £5 with the code HeistLoves1995.

Inline image 1

Halloween Dress Ups



Lydia Deetz

Lydia Deetz is the iconic teenager that actress Winona Ryder brings to life in "Beetlejuice", one of the very first horror movies I watched when I was a kid. 
Swim into the world of Tim Burton's imagination and settle your stripes dress with your fedora hat...HA! We indeed have somewhere to use these two I've been keeping in the closet for so long!
Just remember, don't be afraid of the dead and mysterious...

"Carrie" (1976)

How frustrated can a girl get once her dreams of being prom queen are crushed by a bucket full of pork blood? Enough to tear a whole city down and kill everyone you know!
So get your white dress that you never wore to that freaky white party the popular kids asked you to come too but you never did because, well you're cooler than them, and spring it with some (FAKE!) blood for a Carrie crazy look.
Remember: Don't forget the flower bouquet, the tiara.....oh and don't embrace to much this character we still want to enjoy Halloween with some sanity!

"Scream Queens" TV Series 2015- some of us still want to look fabulous during Halloween but don't blame us! We are probably the psychopath devil that has been killing everyone from university and still nobody has caught us on the act!
But we are vial, disrespectful but indeed...very fashion!
Don't hate us, we might kill you!

Frankenstein's Bride
 "Frankenstein's Bride"

Frankentein's bride is a movie classic and if you love vintage clothes and long coats, it's your opportunity to shine! I advise you to customize your old white sheets and wear them around you, be careful not to fall! As for your husband, find a willing and able gentleman to be your date for the night and if not you can always wear him around your neck! 

Edith Cushing
"Crimson Peak"

Do you fancy living on creepy old haunted houses? Then this fifth dress up killer was made for you!
Edith Cushing is a smart young woman and she is madly in love with your favorite evil Avenger.
It's all about the mysterious "pale look" with a touch from an old candle holder you found out at your grandmothers last week!
So if you'd really like to bring out your inner vintage goddess lost in Guilhermo Del Toro's mansion you are in for this Halloween!
Oh...and maybe you'll find your own Tom that even possible? 


Mademoiselle Privé

Mademoiselle Privé


(Saatchi Gallery London Exhibition)

This Wednesday I had the pleasure to explore Gabrielle Chanel's world through the amazing immersive exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery: "Mademoiselle Prive". An exhibition full of  Coco Chanel's inspirations and Karl Lagerfeld's touch of creativity for his previous and current collections as the head creative designer of this famous fashion house.
Everything is delicate and the space lightened up by the shine of the jewelry and the narration of Chanel through some of the rooms.
I personally loved to get a closer look to the slot machines that were along the set of the casino from the 2015 Fall, Haute Couture Show in Paris. 

What can a fashion addict claim more about this exhibition? It's just the world where anyone who appreciates the concept of a fashion brand who has taught everyone of us, young and older girls, that "The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive."
Coco Chanel

Expect: Karl Lagerfeld's photography work; Beautiful jewelry; Mirrors...mirrors everywhere; The most beautiful creations made in fashion history.


Photographs by Barbara Garrido Samuel


"Fashion Comes From Eastern Europe" 

Since 1995 blog was at the launch event of Fashion Bloc "Fashion Comes From Easter Europe" at London College of Fashion in Oxford Street.
The event was full of Fashion Bloc's talented designers that proved that most Eastern European creatives have a refine quality and originality to their designs.
These designers are settling their brand in this platform that permits Eastern European and also Central European emerging new fashion designers the opportunity of their work to be sold and advertised/commercialized globally.
Check out their updates at their official Website and Facebook page.
Get an insight of some of the wonderful pieces exposed at their exhibit through some of the snaps I took of this lovely evening.

Model and Blogger Promise Bakare from D' Promise Collection and Styled By Promise fashion blog.