That 70's Look - 5 steps


  STEP #1

 Get your Penny Lane on! 
 Penny Lane is Kate Hudson's groupie lover character on "Almost Famous" one of the best movies  that illustrates the 70s fashion and way of living.
 The essential item: Coat. You can find this item in places like: Portobello Market ;Frok! Me Vintage Fair and other vintage/used clothing shops, it's a very common 70's piece. 

almost famous//forever love. Fav movie of all time:

 STEP #2

Keep it high and laced!
Lace up knee boots were the thing back then, so if you want to enhance the feeling of a groovy seventies look you can do this by wearing ones, any color really!
Where to find this item: Miu Miu.

 The things that I would do for a pair of Miu Miu boots are shameful.:  bohemain cool fashion | girl 70s fashion bohemian beautifull vintage- checking out her awesomeness:


The scarf/tie/headband
One of the most used trends this year was the black long scarf which can be used as a headband, scarf and tie.Well, this trend surely marked the 70s more than any other year and it's time for you to get updates! It goes well with anything!
Where to buy: ASOS, Bershka, Saint Laurent

 STEP #4

 Denim, denim...denim!
 It's all about the flares, the short denim button skirts and no cares!
 The longer the flares the shorter the skirts even better!
 Where to get them: Stradivarius; Diesel; H&M

                      This board shows what most people wore in the 1970's. There were a lot of bell bottom pants/jeans. Some wore platform shoes, wrap dresses, and went for a Annie Hall menswear look. -Alexa Perin:


Buckle and round belts
Kendall Jenner wasn't the one setting this trend but probably someone who really loved Western movies!

Self Service Magazine S/S 2015 | Malgosia Bela by Angelo Pennetta [Editorial]:
   Ryder Double Buckle Belt - Verge Girl:

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