Movie Dress Up Killers


I do not lie when I say I am the #1 fan of Quentin Tarantino movies, so, for the first Movie Dress Up Killers, I chose Mia Wallace. It's a Halloween and Carnival classic, it doesn't get spicier and sexier than this dress up! Grab a pack of fake cigarettes and a water gun and you are set to go up on that dance floor, to dance with your friend Travolta. 
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(Rocky Horror Picture Show)

There's no character in the movie business more fabulous than Rocky Horror Shows very own star Dr.Frank-N-Furter. It is ,without no doubt, a show stopper and heads will roll if you appear in that special Halloween party dressed up as horror's very well known diva. Get your M.A.C  make up on and rehearse some Shakespeare verses!

(Kill Bill Vol.I)

Continuing my obsession for Tarantino movies it is not a surprise to suggest you a full on badass but still sexy nurse outfit for this Halloween! Ditch the tacky sexy nurse of every men's dream and show them what they were really fantasizing about, all this time!

(Sweeney Todd)

In this choice of outfit the simple thing to do is to powder your clothes so they seem very old and overused just like Mrs.Lovett's ! Don't be afraid to sprinkle off that white powder on top of your clothes and body so you get the warned out and pale look. Don't forget to get your hair up and messy in a confusing, Helena Bonham Carter kindda style.
*PLIM* Oh, the worst pies in London are baked! You're ready to go!

(Girl Interrupted)

This character is the last one on the list. Remember it got Angelina Jolie's first ever Oscar so it better get you the award for the best movie character Halloween look! 
Make an effort to get into the character by laughing in a mental way and stalking the short haired girl at the party! Also try to warn out the clothes with dirt so you get the crazy feels of this intense and charismatic girl!
Now, without no interruptions, hope these looks help you out! 


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