One of my favorite clothing brands is KTZ. 
The reason why KTZ has a place on my all time favourite brands is because their creations keep getting better and more creative.
I’ve made a selection of some of the newest designs and my favorites of previous years... 

The Black and White World Of Symbolism 

KTZ took the black and white trend to a whole ‘nother level this time through symbolism.
My love for black can be compared to Lady Gaga’s obsession with high heels , I’ll every person has a favorite color , mine is black. In everything I wear the black colour has to be present even if it’s a little accessory , I have to wear black to feel my look is complete..
So , when  I found out this collection by KTZ I loved the fact that they applied to the black T-shirt/jacket/trousers e.t.c... symbolic patterns in white , it’s so simple but so meaningful.
The interesting  part is knowing that some vulgar some religious they all complete a very fashionable way of combining various types of symbols within a simple black design and making a show stopping look!

Mixing the Unusual

An interesting fact about these designs is the mixture of black leather with beads.
The idea of mixing both materials , for me would be unimaginable..... how good it would turn out to be!
My perspective of a rock look wouldn’t lean over leather with beads but KTZ proved me wrong because It would sure fit a rock look , some cool leather hat with beads and a biker jacket with amazing and creative is this? What more can I say?

The Shoes

Knownd by the original clothing designs , KTZ doesn’t take a step back in originality when it comes to shoes either ! 

These are my three favorites. I love the boots with a little bit of wedge it reminds me of a combination of creepers with biker boots in some kind of way...
The gold chained high heels are just TO DIE for! I’ve been in love with them since their release and especially because it has a soft design but a hard look , by that I mean that it makes the feet look...elegant  


From simple to complex...KTZ makes transparency look flawless on the runway and out!

These designs are from the newest collection by KTZ and I fell in love! 
The second image shows how complex the design is but how effortless it looks like, I mean it’s like a work of art...

(ATENTION : I don’t own any of the previous images)

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